Why do I guide women in Self Love? What does it have to do with Intimacy & Libido?

To be able to experience intimacy, you need to have a firm sense of identity. Only after you have a solid sense of self can you then move on to merge your identity with your romantic partners.

When you have the potential for true intimacy, then you show strengths in three key areas: closeness, communication, and commitment.

Guiding women on a journey to awaken self love to help boost intimacy and their libido is all about a process.

To find yourself and feel like an empowered woman you have to go within and find the love and appreciation for you as a woman.

I simply ask questions and provide exercises, challenges and visualisations to find it for yourself.

It is a beautiful process of letting go of our old ideas and opening up to a blossoming of new empowered ones 🙂

Life changing experience.

Join me 🙂 Contact me today.

Blessings #iamthelibidolady