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Miracle Minded
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by Samantha on Miracle Minded
The tea works

I'm so happy to have found this product. I'm not the kind of person that takes supplements everyday but I do enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea at night. My husband and I have a great relationship but there was one argument we where always having which was about not enough sex. I have a low libido so my husband was getting frustrated at my lack of interest. We have tried so many things to get me in the mood but nothing was long lasting. We found the tea and decided to give it a try. I am so happy this tea works because now my husband and I no longer argue about sex. Oh and the tea tastes great ??

Thank you for your review Sam and I am so happy you are enjoying our amazing tea 🙂 Blessings #iamthelibidolady x

by Jane on Miracle Minded
E-book Kickstart Your Libido!

Hi Liz,

Thanks for sharing this book with me.

It isn't coincidence that the "hyster", meaning womb, was appropriated into a word associated with "madness"?

I think that you have given us some really good ideas for awakening the (often waning, especially for us mums) libido in women. It is something that, as you say, is so important in our early years and so hyped up in the media that us "women in the middle" are forgotten! I'm going to implement some of your ideas and spend more time thinking about ME (not the kids, not the housework, not my partner's expectations). Thank you!

It's important work that you are doing. I appreciate it 🙂

by Tiffany on Miracle Minded
E-book on libido

What a funny read. Lots I didn't even know. Recommend to all women!!!

by Mel Collins on Miracle Minded
Love Potion

I would like to thank Liz very much after been given the chance to try her Cleopatra Love Potion. It helps relax the mind and body, feeling happy calm and at peace with the world I would highly recommend the product and take the time to visit Miracle Minded web page. Liz is an amazing women her web page has so many wonderful products and information all women should know about, and she is willing to listen and advice you on anything. Please take the time to visit and shop ladies you will be very happy???

by Rosanna phare on Miracle Minded
Aphrodisiac tea

A friend of mine have recommended for me to drink this aphrodisiac tea to help me relax, unwind and soothe my moods... Having a business and 2 kids and responsibilities around the house, the thought of having sex has not occured in my mind for a very long time.
Untill i started drinking this tea for over a week...my mind starts to change, i suddenly feel my brain can breathe. I have space to honour myself. To feel something ....i started feeling some stimulation in my navel...into my core...all of the sudden i can feel there is fire inside of me. I felt very horny.
I started beautifying myself like i used too before kids and married. I started to take pride of me and now all members of the family are content.
Best tea ive ever drink and its natural....thank you universe for creating such amazing potion for love.

by Theresa on Miracle Minded
Brilliant products

As an older lady i was a little apprehensive about trying these products but i'm soo happy that i did. After enjoying the hot chocolate i have so much more energy which i was sadly lacking. Now the tea has been a real treat, makes me so relaxed, i love these products. Ladies of a certain age, get out there and give these products a go, you'll be so happy you did!

by Corinne on Miracle Minded
Best ive ever had!

Best products i have ever tried they work perfectly and the taste is delightful ecspecially the hot chocolate being single and working full time i find it hard to find time to 'take care' of myself so using the products when i get time makes the usual experience 100 times better best ive ever had the website was very well presented and easy to navigate and Liz's book in an absolute ready big things to come for this company watch this spot.

by Rachel Wells on Miracle Minded

Understand And Own Your Libido
Kick-start Your Libido by Liz Stringer will help you understand what libido is. BY RACHEL WELLS

Published: 2016.09.20 08:36 AM

This little book is a quirky enterprise—part self-help book, part promotion for the author’s range of libido products. There are eleven chapters each offering either background information of what libido actually is, or advice on how to firstly get in touch with your own libido, and then learn to make the most of it.

The first chapter, outlining the Victorian theory of female hysteria that led to the invention of the vibrator, is amusing and a good way to kick things off. It shows how far women have come since then in owning their own sexual selves. Whilst the next couple of chapters have more of an emphasis on female-male sexual attraction and partnerships, the information and advice contained in the majority of the pages after that are equally applicable to female-female relationships.

Libido is something that fluctuates in each of us, either from week to week, or over the years, as we age and our bodies and circumstances change. What Stringer is keen to emphasize is that just because we may have hit a low point in our sexual drive, that doesn’t mean it’s beyond rescuing. The simple advice and exercises she sets out in the rest of the book aim to help that process. I appreciated the inclusion of a chapter dedicated to women who had become mothers, as that fundamentally alters a woman’s body and her priorities in life. I also thought it was useful to see some empowering words on owning your own libido—learning what you want from sex, and not leaving it up to your partner to guess, is fundamental to a happy sex life.

by Carolyn on Miracle Minded

Working fulltime, juggling my husbands business and being a mum of 2 means that my head is always full and its hard for me to relax and just enjoy the moment. Since I have been using the Cleopatra tea, I have been able to forget everything else that's going on and really enjoy these moments with my husband when the kids are in bed. This tea works! And I highly recommend to anyone looking to get into the right headspace when it comes to romance.

by Amanda on Miracle Minded
Cleopatra hot coco

Love this hot coco... It's like no other I've ever had. Realy live the smooth flavour and the tingly after affect that you get all over.
I add it to my morning smoothy... Who says you should only heat up the libido when you're about to get a little naughty! Why not feel euphoric all day! X

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