Do you remember back to the beginning of your romantic relationship when intimacy was in over drive?

When you couldn’t take your hands off each other?

And hearing, ‘Get a room!’

Did you know that statistics say 94% of couples who spend the night in contact with each other are happy in their relationship?*

I am Liz #iamthelibidolady. I joyfully and holistically guide women around the world to awaken Self love, Intimacy & Libido from within. I love to empower women to shine in gratitude.

My company, Miracle Minded ( is conducting a confidential Social Experiment challenging couples to Spoon in June!

The 7 night challenge is to help us learn more about intimacy & how to rekindle and strengthen in relationships. PLUS to help couples along the way!

To register, couples simply have to LIKE & SHARE THIS POST on FACEBOOK plus answer 5 confidential questions via email. Then after the 7 nights record their findings to us – ALL COUPLES WHO COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE WILL RECEIVE AS A THANK YOU an award-winning Cleopatra’s Aphrodisiac Tea.**

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Spoon in June!!!

Liz #iamthelibidolady
(*source **1 x Cleopatra’s Aphrodisiac Tea per registered couple on completion of 5 questions at end of challenge.)