Is your relationship lacking the fun and intimacy that it had in the beginning?

Do you feel life has taken over and your relationship has taken a back seat?

Do you miss the fun and spontaneity you had at the beginning of your relationship?

Are you often tired and uninspired when it comes to intimacy with your partner?

If you thought, “Yes this is me!” to any of the above questions then please read on how my company, Miracle Minded can guide you and your partner IN AN EASY AND FUN WAY to rekindle fun, romance, intimacy, desire & passion into your relationship. All at your own pace with our Relationship Kick-Start Kit!

Hi Ladies & Gents! Liz here, Founder of Miracle Minded and Creator of the award-winning Cleopatra aphrodisiac range! After launching our amazing, natural libido boosting products last year I have been asked many, many times for advice on rediscovering the fun and enhancing romance and intimacy in relationships. It got me thinking and then researching all about relationships and what is available to us to help keep them alive and kicking and how to nurture them to grow and blossom.

Interestingly enough we are never taught in our early lives about how to successfully build solid foundations in our relationships. Not just our love relationship but our relationships with friends, work colleagues, family and even the lady at the local shop. So then if our relationships develop without a solid foundation how can they be expected to stay alive, grow and prosper. Especially in our love relationships after the honeymoon phase ends and the real challenge of partnership kicks in?

What I have personally discovered since the breakdown in relationship with my baby daddy after 7 years together is that we didn’t have any tools to work on our relationship when we needed it. Before it all fell a part. When everything was happy and fun we were awesome but when we started to face challenges we did not know how to do it and closed off to each other. Especially after the birth of our daughter as our life changed dramatically.

This is why I have created this Kick-start Kit. It’s a way for couples to work on their relationship together without pressure and find the FUN and US again! Forgive the past. Stop playing the blame game and make a commitment together to rediscover the FUN, INTIMACY and PASSION!!! Please keep reading below just how we can guide you and your partner back to fun TODAY!

Relationship Kick-start Kit

Benefits to you.

* We will help you and your partner reactive the us in your relationship.

* We will help you to rediscover the fun in your relationship.

* We will help you to ignite the intimacy, desire & passion.

* We will help you to understand each others LOVE language so you are speaking clearly to each other.

What you will actually receive?

* 10 Easy Step Guide to Rekindle Romance & Sex in your Relationship.

* Fun & Affordable Dating Guide to Kick-start Fun Adventures.

* Best-selling book by Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages.

* Miracle Minded Couple’s Love Pack to enjoy with your partner. Includes the trio pack of the award winning Cleopatra aphrodisiac range. Cleopatra’s Hot Chocolate, Cleopatra’s Aphrodisiac Tea & Cleopatra’s Love Potion + Wildfire Massage oil and Vanilla Body butter.

* Automatic sign up to take part in 1 of our 7 Night Challenges where you as a couple enjoy taking part in fun, achievable, intimacy building missions.

* Kick-start Your Libido! 11 Must Know Secrets for Women e-book by Liz Stringer. Easy to read which features interesting and fun history and facts on libido. Understand how it works for you!

What our customers are saying about working with us at Miracle Minded:

1 The Spoon in June project was wonderful for my husband and I because it made us commit to a lengthy period of spooning. Due to having tweens and teens in the house and all the responsibilities etc etc etc that go with that, it has been difficult to actually get quiet, alone time to ourselves. We both felt we reconnected, body and soul, much better and we are making it an ongoing practice to spoon more. It relaxed us both, especially before sleep. It also presented the opportunity to whisper sweet nothings into each others’ ears! Thank you SO much for this!!! It’s begun a whole new practice for us!

2 During the spooning challenge, from day 1 both my partner and I experienced better sleep and felt more relaxed. I preferred to lay on my left side, she on her right. After love making, we spooned and my partner in particular liked the closeness after our love making session. I on the other hand felt tired afterwards. My partner loves the feeling of being protected with my arm around her whilst spooning. At the end of the experiment my partner and I have felt closer, and our sex life has improved. It has become more passionate and intimate, and we even tried a new position which was great.


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INTRODUCTORY PRICE $169.00 (valid till 1/2/17)

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