Discover & Embrace the art of Tantra with The Libido Lady

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Would you LOVE to connect with your sexual and intimate self on a deeper level?

Does awakening your mind to a more connected, holistic view of life interest you?

Would you LOVE to have more toned and enlarged breasts?

Yes! Then this is a true gift to allow for yourself to discover…




One on one via Messenger or Skype online or in person guidance with Liz Stringer, The Libido Lady. Spend 2 hours discussing the art of Tantra and how to embrace it in your life. She will guide you through 2 energy techniques.

A sacral (sex) chakra opening meditation and an enlarging and toning breasts asana.

Open up your femininity and notice a shift in your whole mindset as you allow the rechanneling of energy to influence a more awakened, connected mind to the love which you are.

PLUS! Receive a FREE award-winning Cleopatra’s Aphrodisiac Tea as a special gift for you to enjoy.

1 review for Discover & Embrace the art of Tantra with The Libido Lady

  1. Good morning everyone!!!
    I want to write a review for this awesome Tantra workshop!! I met with Liz #iamthelibidolady for a one on one session last week. I had heard of Tantra and had been intrigued in learning about it, but I didn’t know of anyone in the Whitsundays area that had actual experience. When Liz told me about her workshop I jumped at the chance! What an beautiful experience I had, Liz made me feel so comfortable and I loved every bit of it. I came away feeling like I was a powerful and sensual woman 😍 I have continued to use her knowledge at home and I am loving it!!!
    I highly recommend the Tantra workshop to every woman, of all ages, to begin your journey in the deliciousness of Tantra ❤❤❤❤❤

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