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1)  The Hilarious History of Female Hysteria

I would like to take you back to a really interesting time in history that you definitely would not have learnt about in school. What you are about to read not many people have heard of let alone will believe. Completely unbelievable and absolutely hilarious!

The scene is late 1800’s Europe. This is back in time when women wore long dresses to cover their ankles and long sleeves to cover their wrists. They wore tight fitting corsets and radiated a prim and proper countenance.

There was a then recognised medical condition that many poor women suffered from. The medical name was Hysteria. Funnily enough this term has a different meaning now in the medical field so if you try to look it up in the dictionary you will see a completely different meaning to what I am going to write about. Best to Google the definition for the historical Female Hysteria. Female Hysteria could best be described as sexual frustration. Women walking around without orgasms in their lives. These were the times when it was thought women did not receive any pleasure from sexual intercourse!

Luckily though there were doctors who specialised in this condition and were in high demand during this repressed time in history. Women whose main roles in those times were to please every whim of men, procreate and maintain a clean and orderly house were like walking, ticking time bombs.

Female Hysteria symptoms ranged from irritability, faintness, nervousness, sexual desire, insomnia, fluid retention, heaviness in the abdomen, muscle spasm, shortness of breath, loss of appetite for food or sex, and a “tendency to cause trouble.”

Along came specialist doctors who women would attend on a regular basis. The sexually frustrated woman would lie down while the doctors put his hand up her ankle length dress and use his hands and fingers to bring on an orgasm! To me it sounds like an awesome service to provide, I wonder if this would ever be reintroduced and if it would be covered by Medicare?

With the ever increasing demand for women to relieve their hysteria symptoms came an interesting problem. Sore, crampy hands! Seriously the doctors started dropping like flies with fatigued hand syndrome. Oh dear.

With every problem eventually comes a solution. The invention of the vibrator! Yes one industrious doctor who could not see his increased wealth cease due to a sore crampy hand invented the first ever vibrator. It was a huge, noisy contraption to say the least.

But it worked.

Soon they were being advertised everywhere. Women could buy one of their very own and relieve themselves of the ghastly hysteria! Maybe this was the start of woman’s evolution to be equal citizens to men in the world?

Moral to the story: Sexual frustration is real for us women even though it may not be medically recognised now days. The simple way to avoid this is to experience regular orgasms; they are great for your overall health and well-being. Partake with a partner or alone!

Manual genital massage of women had been a medical remedy since antiquity and hysteria was a recognized malady until the American Psychiatric Association discontinued this term in 1952. Dr Joseph Mortimer Granville filed the first patent for an electromechanical vibrator termed Granville’s Hammer in about 1883. Granville, however, did not apply his invention in the treatment of hysteria; rather, he used it to treat muscular disorders. Other physicians started to apply the vibrator for the treatment of hysteria.