Fix Your Low Labido - Libedo - Libido

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Increasing your Labido – Libedo – Libido Starts Here

Whilst we spell it a few different ways Labido Libedo Libido (correct spelling) the Key ingredient to fix a low libido is to looking at your mindset, it needs to change! From sitting in the mindset of having a low libido to changing your mindset of enjoying a blossoming libido.

Please see below an excerpt from the e-book, Kickstart Your Libido! 11 Must Know Secrets for Women. Written by Liz Stringer #iamthelibidolady, Award Winning aphrodisiac product creator and Author. She helps women globally to have the best sex life.

Feeling Empowered and your Libido

Gratitude – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Throughout my life journey so far I have made many discoveries on the art of empowerment. As a young career driven women in my 20’s my empowerment came from a completely different place than it comes from now. I had a huge hunger to be successful, not in a monetary way but in life. To really strive to give 120% of myself to learning and growth. As my career developed so did my sense of empowerment. And in turn, I had a very high libido.

Since becoming a mother and shifting my daily expectations of life to more of a quest for peace and joy I feel I have discovered the key to feeling empowered all of the time from one simple exercise I do throughout my day, everyday. This helps to keep my libido awake and blossoming.

Sitting in gratitude. For everything. Instead of seeing things that happen in my life as good or bad I simply observe with no judgement and feel gratitude. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t always easy! Although I have found the more I practise this the easier my mind assumes this role.

Do not get attached to all the worldly things that happen, simply observe. Everything is a lesson for you. Instead, focus on gratitude for things in your life especially your special relationships and you will manifest more things to be grateful for. This is the way the universe works. And this is the way to feel like an empowered woman, smile and laugh your way through life. Your heart is more open to receive and give which is super positive for your libido.

There is a fantastic book I recommend by Gary Chapman, 5 Love Languages that I discovered around 10 years ago. It is 5 basic concepts on finding out what makes your partners heart sing and your own heart be full of love. Then applying these things to daily life to help keep your partner’s love tank full. We can’t give what we don’t have so it super important to give to receive. Build your relationship on good solid foundations!

Moral to the story:

Feeling like an empowered woman is perfect for your libido. You are more open with yourself and your life experiences. Your heart is more open to love!

Take responsibility for your Libido. Own it. It’s yours.

As an adult, we need to take responsibility for our experience of life. And that includes your libido labedo libedo. Please stop The Blame Game. Yes, you know what I mean. Your libido is yours, no one else’s. So next time you think or go to tell a story that points the finger at someone else please STOP and remember it’s your libido, not your partners, ALL YOURS! If you are experiencing issues with your partner that is affecting your libido then communication is the key. The Blame Game gets you nowhere fast. It takes two people to do the wild thing. So you have two libidos in the equation. Take full responsibility for yours. Own it!

Next is Acceptance of your fluctuating libido. You need to stop living in denial. Acceptance, when we have any problem in our lives is the first step to healing. Accept that for some reason your mojo has gone on a holiday and forgotten to take you! Accept that it is ok that your libido has taken a backseat in your relationship. Accept you don’t feel like having sex three times per day like your partner. For whatever reason or reasons, your other life priorities have taken over such as kids, work or just life in general. Once you accept, Yes I currently have a low libido then you start to get somewhere. The next step is to take action. By reading through this guide you will have all the tools you need to activate a blossoming libido.

Self-discovery What awakens your Libido?

There is never a time in our lives where we are taught or encouraged to get to know our sexual selves. We receive a basic birds and the bees uncomfortable discussion as children and then we fumble around as teenagers blind to what we are actually doing and whether we like it. The media, movies and our favourite music all seem to be in a frenzy over the subject which creates pressure for us to do it well.

So our sexual selves start is without any kind of foundation let alone a good one. Don’t worry! It’s not too late. And the solution is simple.

Spend time thinking about what YOU (not your partner) actually like about sex and intimacy. What turns you on? Is it the tenderness? The closeness to another soul? Does it make you feel dominant? Or alive? Or down right dirty?! This is so important. Women have more of a mind/spirit connection to love making, men closer to a physical connection. Invest time in play and experimentation. This way you will discover what really gets your libido awakened and blossoming. Once you have really thought about what you like about love making next is to bring these thoughts into a daily routine of thinking.

Research the art of female Orgasms

Ladies, I urge you to take these matters into your own hands with researching all the different ways that women experience the joy of orgasming. We are all different with what releases the magic for us although still why not open your mind to all the different ways to really embrace this beautiful feeling. It is your body and who best to know all about it than you. So grab a cup of tea, your phone and spend some time Googling the art of orgasm.

THINK about Sex!!!

The key to increased desire for sex starts with your thoughts.

* you are what you think about * thoughts become things * like attracts like

All of these quotes are based on the theory of Law of Attraction or more scientifically, Quantum Physics. Albert Einstein who was famous for his influence on the philosophy of science proved that as humans our thoughts become our external reality. Wow! I would recommend to read that sentence a couple of times and really take in what that means. We really need to be careful what we think about and more simply we should increase our thoughts of what we want to manifest into our lives.

With this basic principle in mind we can honestly change the world we see. But that is not what I am here to write about today! Today I would like to propose a simple and effective idea on the topic of libido and how to forever rid yourself of low sexual desire and passion. Because trust me ladies, it sure does fluctuate for us through our lifetime doesn’t it.

Although before I tell you this simple secret, I first need you to let go of every possible story you can come up with on why your sex desire and passion are not what they used to be. Let go of every story associated with blaming your partner, kids or even life in general. Your sex desire is all yours and no one elses. To understand the secret I am about to tell you must take full responsibility for you.

OK so I would like to ask you to try this with an open mind. Let go of your ideas and simply try what I am saying. And please write to me with your labido libedo libido experiences too!

Think about sex daily. It’s that simple. Add it to your daily routine. Even add into your morning coffee routine. Have a cup of coffee and think about sex! Remember good experiences, fantasise about your favourite Hollywood actor, think about what it is that turns you on. Anything that creates a positive energy around sex is perfect for your thoughts.  Your sex life can be whatever you want it to be.

Sexy yourself up! You are a beautiful woman.

A key part for a woman to feel like enjoying her libido is to make yourself feel like a goddess! Think of Cleopatra who really embodied all the traits and style of an empowered goddess. Treat yourself to a new haircut, wax your sexy bits, manicure/pedicure whatever makes you look in the mirror and think, whoa baby I am hot! Wear clothes that accentuate your best body features. I know when I am feeling like a goddess I add lots of accessories to my look. It makes me feel really feminine, funky and really confident in myself. And yes all this from some accessories. We are all wonderfully different so do what makes you feel like the goddess you are.

Experiment with natural aphrodisiacs to awaken your Libido Labido Libedo

I created and released a brand of all natural aphrodisiac products for women called Cleopatra. In 2014 they won Best New Product at the Australian Adult Industry awards. They are now enjoyed by women all over the world with higher Libido Labido Libedo

I blended and extensively tested these herbal combinations in our three HISTORICALLY PROVEN, TRADITIONAL, ALL NATURAL, AMAZING APHRODISIAC PRODUCTS. Enjoy learning and experimenting with these magical sex herbs. They all taste delicious!

Cleopatra’s Hot Chocolate (No.1 blend) increases energy, stamina, sensation and fantasy thoughts. One packet will last up to two weeks. Best results have been found when used in the mornings 3-4 days per week.
Cleopatra’s Love Potion is best shared with your lover for increased romance, love and passion. There is one serving per packet.
Cleopatra’s Aphrodisiac Tea is a calming bedtime tea to relax the body and the mind, increase sensation, loving thoughts and feelings. One packet will last up to four weeks.

The unique range of products is low in calories, made from natural herbs and traditional ingredients, and is gluten free. Targeted at predominantly women, the Cleopatra products encourage females to treat themselves, whilst men can also enjoy these.

Sex after kids

Since becoming a mother and now having many parent friends this subject I have discussed a lot and have worked out the three top reasons sex changes after kids. Ill break it down into the three main reasons and then explain simple ways to make sure you still enjoy your libido.

CHALLENGE – Firstly obviously for women, there is a noticable change in their whole daily schedule and priorities. Gone are the times that we only have ourselves to look after! We are now 100% responsible 100% of the time for our little people.

SOLUTION – Simply add sex to your new routine to make sure its not forgotten.

CHALLENGE – Secondly for women our pre baby bodies have been replaced with post baby bodies. It takes us a while to become accepting of our new body. This simply takes time and patience plus not putting pressure on ourselves. Our bodies do bounce back and also take on an awesome more womanly appearance.

SOLUTION – Affirmations go a long way to help make us feel comfortable and still sexy.

CHALLENGE – Thirdly a huge change I only became really conscious of recently is that you now share intimacy with your children.  Both parents now spend a lot of time giving love to their children and there seems to be not much left for each other at the end of the day.

SOLUTION – Try to keep this in mind and try to share the love between everyone.

TIME OUT for mum – I will share with you the best way to awaken my libido since becoming a mum. Time to myself reading on my bed. At least a few hours. First I rest, nap then meditate next thing I know I am thinking of all the other things apart from sleep that beds are good for! So I recommend get your partner to take the kids out for a few hours on the weekend, head to your bedroom with a book and see if you too get a stirring to play some bedroom games.

I hope you have learnt something today that helps you blossom and enjoy your time with your partner . If nothing else we have learnt the correct spelling for Libido (not Labido or Lebido) If you wish to know more please feel free to contact me or see our shop for natural products that will give you an extra boost