Frequently Asked Questions



Q.1)  Do you get an immediate effect from Miracle Minded products?

A.1)  Cleopatra’s Hot Chocolate (Immediate Effect – uplifted, energy and stamina. Day 2/3 Effect – increased sensation & fantasy thoughts) The Hot Chocolate is best to have in the morning. It will make you feel uplifted, give you energy and stamina immediately. It works best to have a heaped teaspoon for four days straight. Day 2/3 you will start to notice increased sensation and fantasy thoughts too!
Cleopatra’s Aphrodisiac Tea (Immediate Effect) The Aphrodisiac Tea is best in the evenings and after two cups you will feel your thoughts slow down, body relax and feel a sense of contentment, well-being and love. The more often you enjoy this tea the more effects you will experience.
Cleopatra’s Love Potion (Immediate Effect) The Love Potion is best in the evenings shared with a lover. Brings about passionate love making with increased sensation. Works for men and women. Can be used as a tea or smoked for relaxed, loving feelings. The more often you enjoy the more effects you will experience.


Q.2)  What is the best way to have the Love Potion?

A.2)  Drink as a tea with honey. Smoke. Or mix with vodka, strain and put in shot glasses with a little orange juice! Share with a lover!


Q.3)  Can I take products if pregnant or breast feeding?

A.3)  In Australia, as herbs are classed as food and not medicinal there is no scientific evidence for this. Recommend to ask your physician if concerned.


Q.4)  Is the Hot Chocolate gluten free?

A.4)  YES it is gluten FREE. Try with honey instead of sugar 🙂


Q.5)  Is it true the herb Damiana (Turnera Aphrodisiac) in the Love Potion used to be traditionally smoked?

A.5)  YES and drank as a tea for relaxation and love.


Q.6)  Is it ok to take the Hot Chocolate in the morning and the Aphrodisiac Tea in the evening?

A.6)  YES definitely. You will be giving yourself a double dose of empowerment.


Q.7)  Can I take the products every day?

A.7)  We recommend having a break a few days per week. Moderation is the key with everything in this world!


Q.8)  Can I use these products even though I am on medication from my doctor?

A.8)  We recommend to ask your physician for advice before taking anything when you are on medication.


Q.9)  I have heard Maca powder that is in the Hot Chocolate is great for stabilising women’s hormones and nourishes the reproductive system, is this correct?

A.9)  YES we have heard this also. Google for more information of all the wonders of Maca powder!


Q.10)  Can men enjoy the products too?

A.10)  The products have been created for women although men can enjoy them also!


(Miracle Minded Pty Ltd products are traditional herbs sold as herbal teas. We do not declare them to have therapeutic or medicinal properties. We simply promote the historical uses and customers experiences.)