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Through all my research on women’s libido and the best way to keep it blossoming throughout our lifetimes comes down to one key ingredient, mindset. We need to be looking at what it brings to ourselves and commit to prioritise it in our lives. It is amazing for your health and well being plus a perfect way to experience what you really are, love.

I have put a top 10 list together that covers all the aspects I feel are required to awaken your libido and enjoy it blossoming for you. I hope you enjoy and maybe even learn something!

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10 Steps to Rekindle Romance & Sex in your Relationship

1) Firstly you need to Accept. Life is like a rollercoaster. So many things to do everyday, everything constantly changing and sometimes when it comes to our relationship it feels that life has taken over with other priorities and… that’s fine. Don’t be hard on yourself, it happens to us all. Relationships like our gardens need regular watering. You are reading this right now so are on the right track.

2) Take action together. There are two people in a relationship. It is collaborative. You need to take action to find your missing romance and sex together to really find it and feel the fulfilment you are both currently missing.

3) What is your LOVE language? I highly recommend to find the book, The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It describes there are five basic love languages that help to keep our love tanks full. Discover what yours and your partners are. You need to know how to speak their love language to really fulfil it.

4) Quality time. Spend time filling your partners love tank. If you are reading this I am guessing your glass is probably near on empty, it takes some time and energy to fill it. Dedicate time daily to do this and do it from your heart space. Remember giving is receiving.

5) Self Love is so important to live a happy, awesome life. You need to love yourself before you can truly love someone else. Remember your relationship with yourself is No1. Make your happiness a priority in your daily life and do things that you enjoy and make you feel joy, inspired, freedom and satisfied. Be the person you want to be.

6) THINK about Romance and Love. We are what we think about. If you focus on what you don’t have you manifest more of what you don’t have. Don’t think with lack, think with abundance! Think about Romance, Love, Sex. Thoughts, Fantasies or Memories. What do you enjoy? Remember what it feels like to be in love and what it’s like when your love tank is overflowing!

7) Date nights. Going back to the start of your relationship where everything was fresh and new is what I feel Date Nights is all about. Remember talking for hours and really listening to each other? Getting to know each other over delicious food, wine and a sense of wonderment and freedom. Organise one of these at least weekly for the most benefit.

8) Spontaneity & Mystery – These two words even sound exciting! As we get older more often than not our lives start to feel a little repetitive. Groundhog day! The unknown is a lot more exciting. Being spontaneous and mysterious is good for keeping the energy and love alive.

9) Play with aphrodisiacs! Your bedroom should be a playroom of discovery for you and your partner. There are so many cool things to play with when it comes to love making. I recommend of course the Cleopatra range of all natural aphrodisiacs. They stimulate the right areas and enhance love, passion, sensitivity, relaxation and fantasy thoughts.

10) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy rediscovering each other. It’s a brand new moment and beginning for you both. Starting NOW!