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Welcome to KICK-START YOUR LIBIDO! Increase Libido with our online destination created by Liz Stringer #iamthelibidolady to provide guidance, support, online programs and workshops to kick-start an awesome sex life.

When it comes to Self Love, Intimacy, Libido and Sex where do we go to for support and guidance? Here I am 🙂 Liz #iamthelibidolady! I can confidentially and holistically guide you to live the best life experience in your relationship to yourself and your romantic partner.

Are you often tired and uninspired when it comes to intimacy and love making?

Are you sick of feeling guilty like you are letting your partner down in the bedroom?

Are you open to learn how to enjoy an amazing sex drive?

If you thought, “Yes this is me!” to any of the above questions you are in the right place.

This is what we can do for you!

  • *Guide you to ignite self love, intimacy, desire & passion within.

*Teach you how to enjoy an amazing, blossoming sex life!

*Help you to rediscover the fun and spontaneity in your relationship.

*Guide you to understand each others LOVE language so you are speaking clearly to each other.

Simply contact Liz for information on her new program Awakening Self Love, Intimacy & Libido or visit our online shop below and you can browse through our products specially created by Liz #iamthelibidolady to rekindle fun, romance, intimacy, desire & passion into your relationship. Become the change you want to see in your life!

Liz Stringer #iamthelibidolady, Company Founder of Miracle Minded and personally designed the award-winning Cleopatra range of all natural aphrodisiacs for women. She has since become known throughout the world as the go to woman for guiding women of all ages in all things to increase libido. You can read her articles featured throughout an array of publications on our Media page on Love, Life & Libido. Alternatively call her today on 0413 408 511 or skype to discuss a plan to get your libido back on track!

Her new book, Kickstart Your Libido! 11 MUST KNOW SECRETS for Women is available now through our store. Here she shares some really interesting history, facts and discoveries on women’s libido. It is written for women, of all ages and not just the really honest ones that admit to a fluctuating libido. Although your partners in life will also have a giggle and enjoy it too!

You can read Liz’s story featured in the Daily Mail on how and why this Australian mum created our award-winning products!

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Just wanted to  let you know how much I am enjoying the Cleopatra Hot Chocolate. I add a teaspoon to my coffee every morning for a delicious mocha. It has given me a ton of energy and a calmer mood. I am hooked, chocolate that is really, really good for you and your partner. Now I have the energy to keep going all day (as a mum with a very active toddler) and look forward to going to bed at night for all the right reasons. My husband noticed the increase libido and energy and loving too

Michelle QLD

The energy I have experienced allows me to feel relaxed and confident. My meditation was full of women and honoring myself.Cleopatra’s Aphrodisiac Tea,Simple to make and received benefits quickly on second cup.My libido has increased and I feel great awareness of my desires towards myself and my husband. I’d highly recommend these products to all women especially women who need support with fertility,stamina and any female ailment.

Piia Qld

Media Release

Off the back of winning Best New Product of the Year at the Australian Adult Industry Awards 2014, Miracle Minded unveils its range of Cleopatra all natural and traditional aphrodisiac products that are historically proven to not only increase libido, but provide energy, stamina, wellbeing and relaxation.

After noticing a gap in the Australian market for products that empower women, Founder and Managing Director Liz Stringer in January 2014 used her business experience and nous to create the award winning Cleopatra product range to inspire women to regain their confidence and kick start their sex drive.

Liz felt a shift after the birth of her first child – a feeling a lot of women can relate to. She lacked her usual passion and zest for life. Living intuitively and in wonder of the amazing opportunities that present themselves, Liz envisioned creating a product that women could turn to.

‘I felt like I manifested into a completely different woman overnight. I lost my usual confidence and needed something to bring me back to life. That was when I realised that there were no products out there that helped women increase libido and keep it blossoming. I wanted to use my experience as a business woman to fill this need, and feel immensely proud that I was able to do so. I just want to help other women.’

‘Inspired by my studies of herbal healing and my travels throughout eastern cultures learning of their customary remedies, the Miracle Minded natural Cleopatra range includes a selection of traditional aphrodisiac herbs and is targeted at the everyday woman,” Liz said.


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